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2015 Shortlist

+ Virginia Samper & Blanca Ulloa

MA Fine Art Digital


Virginia Samper & Blanca Ulloa

The winning entry in the 2015 Aspen Online Art Award was Valley of Rephaites by Spanish artists Virginia Samper and Blanca Ulloa.

The work sees the viewer’s choice of website act as a stage for 12 composed narratives, which see anonymous performers move in a choreographed way across the page. By addressing the movements of migration, the work reflects the disorientation people experience when they lose connection to the space to which they were rooted. In the Hebrew bible the ‘Rephaites’ of the title refers either to a race of giants, or to dead ancestors who are residents of the Netherworld.


Virginia Samper and Blanca Ulloa were born in Madrid in 1991 and have been working together as long as they have known each other, combining their respective visions and interests in dance and music to develop them into digital media projects.

They both studied their BA (Hons) in Fine Arts in UCM Madrid and they are now currently studying collaboratively an MA (Visual Arts: Fine Arts Digital) at Camberwell College.

Their practice is focused on experimenting movement and sound through digital technologies as a means to explore the concepts of process and transformation; usually with film, internet, software, virtual reality and generative systems.


+ Jack Addis

MA Fine Digital Art


Jack Addis

Jack Addis is UK artist currently living and working in London. Jack graduated from a BA in Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design in 2010; since then his work has been exhibited in Asia, North and South America and Europe. With a focus on identity, Jack's work is a study into how we adapt to and change for technology.


+ Nelmarie du Preez

MFA Fine Art


Nelmarie du Preez

Nelmarie du Preez (b. 1985), a South African artist based in London and Johannesburg, performs multiple roles as computer programmer/videographer/composer/performance artist.Through the use of masquerade, mimicry and nuanced humor she attempts to uncover and explore the performative constructions of subjectivity in its post-human and post-colonial conditions. She strives to emphasize the fragility and limitations of relation and ultimately the politics and value of trust.

Du Preez recently completed her MFA in Fine Art (with distinction) at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she also received her MA in Computational Arts (with distinction).  In the past year she has been shortlisted for four major international art awards and exhibited in various capitals around the world. 


+ Bartosz Druszcz

MA Graphic Moving Image
London College of Communication


Bartosz Druszcz

Bartosz Druszcz is a Polish moving image designer based in London. In 2013 Bartosz gained BA in Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Currently he received his MA in Graphic Moving Image at London College of Communication. His work focuses on time, space and perception. The overlay of physics and art is his source of inspiration. He likes combining research based creative processes with intuition. He has also a love of happy accidents.


+ May Heek

MFA Fine Art Media
Slade School of Fine Art


May Heek

Born in 1984, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. May Heek works with photography, video, print and paper based techniques. The influence of moving image and the luminous qualities of screens are intergraded in her work. Both the gesture of movement and still images are exploring surface qualities, materiality and indirect ways of perceiving images through reflectiveness. By the abstraction of the depicted and a focus on the perceptual illusions specific material surfaces bring; Heeks work provides possibilities to reconnect to the interior space of perception and how we deal with specific absence of existing knowledge.


+ Steph Horak

MA Computational Studio Arts


Steph Horak

Steph Horak is a London-based new media artist and graduate from Goldsmiths, where she completed the MA Computational Arts. 

Coming from a music performance and composition background, Horak’s work explores the perceived union between sound and image through lo-fi, abstract videos and generative soundscapes, which exploit the human tendency towards perceptual apophenia (the unmotivated seeing of connections). Through her installations, Horak frames mundane, common experiences and subject matters in immersive, dreamlike settings, allowing the viewer to slip between perceptual states. Horak also works as a producer at Goldsmiths for major international exhibitions and conferences, including Creative Machine Exhibition and NIME2014.


+ Matthias Moos

MA Computational Arts


Matthias Moos

Matthias Moos was born 1981 in Zug, Switzerland. His artistic practice is usually concerned with generative audiovisual processes around sound, time and noise. It often involves the research on technological/alchemical processes in order to weave sound and interference into a new narrative.

Moos graduated 2012 from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Switzerland) with a BA in Media Arts, where he was researching sound and the materiality of technology and electronic media; during his studies he was awarded the ZHdK Z+ Grant for Innovative Productions (2012) as well as full funding for his MA studies, offered by Zuger Werkjahr.


+ Richard Muller

MA Fine Art Media
Slade School of Fine Art


Richard Muller

Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet

Name: Richard Muller

Level: 6
Class: Masters Fine Art Media
Affiliation: Slade School of Fine Art
Domain: www.latentspace.com

Alignment: neutral good
Age: 26
Gender: Male 

(lowest=2 highest=18, modified by skills and feats)
Strength: 7     

Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 11


- Digital Art (-1 Strength, +1 Constitution) 
- Installation Art (+1 Strength, +1 Intelligence)  
- Video Art (+1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma)

- BFA in Painting and Drawing (+1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom)
- Born in Canada (+1 Constitution, -1 Charisma)