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Expert Eye by Fabienne Nicholas

Head of Consultancy at the Contemporary Arts Society, Fabienne Nicholas works with Aspen to create a collection that vividly expresses the company’s values.

“The relationship between Aspen and Contemporary Arts Society started more than five years ago and has grown into a longstanding partnership.

Contemporary Arts Society is a charitable organization. We advise companies and private individuals on creating contemporary art collections and commission public works.

Fundamental to this is a true understanding of the companies and collectors we advise. We draw on extensive research and networks to deliver the right solutions – much like Aspen’s work to customise products for customers across the globe.

CAS are the only charity in the UK carrying out this kind of work – and this makes our partnership with Aspen very important. The benefits are many and far-reaching.

The funds raised when Aspen purchases art directly from artists or galleries supports the Contemporary Arts Society mission to gift art work into public collections.

Just as contemporary art expresses what’s going on around us; Aspen is in touch with the world of today and tomorrow. In this sense, the collection gives the company a voice that reflects on modern society and looks to innovation.

The Aspen collection provides a creative focus for those visiting and working in the building and helps people to understand the nature of the company’s values.

This is where creativity in art and business meet. As Aspen demonstrates a forward thinking approach to its business and looks for new ways to achieve greater success, artists are also exploring different ways of expressing their perspective on the world around them.

Together we are distilling the challenges of the contemporary world, especially on a local level where Aspen’s office collections include work from artists living and working in the region.

Creating sustainable connections to the local arts ecology and reflecting the unique character of place within the office environment is a key philosophy behind the collection.

It will continue to evolve and embrace creativity and innovation by exploring ways to engage more people in conversation. Please join in.Take a look around here.

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