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Medium: Video
Year created: 2014
Location: London
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Another Escape Yi-Chun Lin

Yi-Chun Lin's Another Escape creates an abstract, digital interpretation of the concept of Utopia, using traditional Chinese landscape paintings as a reference art form.

The film is composed of a series of layered moving graphic images that are intended to represent basic elements that have always been present in nature, long before man appeared on Earth.

The moving graphic images are composed from hand drawn images, patterns and textures that are deliberately distorted during the scanning process which gives the artwork more warmth or ‘soul’, compared to using computer generated graphics.

The animation is slow-moving, gradually evolving in complexity, with the intention that viewers can briefly escape the real world to meditate over the artwork's movement, freeing their minds for inner reflection. The artwork is not intended to deliver a specific message or have a linear narrative, instead it is up to the viewer to make their own mind up as to its meaning and what feelings it may evoke.


Yi-Chun Lin

Yi-Chun Lin was born in Nantou, Taiwan in 1983. His work is influenced by connections to the natural world as well as Oriental philosophy.

He completed his Master's degree in moving graphic images at LCC, University of the Arts London in 2013; during this time he developed new digital techniques which he applied to 'Another Escape' 2014 (Aspen Art Collection). His research into Chinese philosophy and arts practices, along with experimentation and technical development have provided him with a font of ideas and inspiration for future projects.