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Full of It
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 116 x 100 cm
Year created: 2013
Location: London
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Full of It Alice Browne


Alice Browne

Alice Browne makes paintings and drawings on canvas, linen, board and paper. The paintings are built up of several distinct layers, typically one colour per layer and rarely more than a handful of layers.

Perspectives and barricades are implied. A pile of boulder shapes rest with very little weight, a cartoon flatness where everything happens right up against the frame. Elsewhere lines plot out a deep perspective like a wire frame cuboid. Sometimes the closest object is the one most recently painted, sometimes not.

Browne lives and works in London. She has a BA in fine art from Wimbledon College and finishes her MFA at the Royal College of Art in 2016. She has featured in several solo and group exhibitions both in the UK and internationally including a solo show at the Prosjektrom Mormanns in Stavanger and Young British Art at the Deinstgebaude in Zurich.