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Valley of Rephaites
Medium: Interactive platform, performance, digital collage, sound
Year created: 2015
Location: Online
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Valley of Rephaites Virginia Samper & Blanca Ulloa

Valley of Rephaites implicitly refers to diasporas and cultural dislocation and questions to what extent we have become exiled from our space of belonging and the way in which we inhabit it. By specifically addressing the movements of migration, the work reflects the disorientation people experience when they lose connection to the space to which they were rooted. This loss leads to retrogression, which is equivalent to chaos. The space of connection can be symbolic. Hence individuals and communities find themselves in exile from a sacred territory.

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In the work, these ideas are translated into a web platform, taking the transitory space of the internet as a particular example of this phenomenon. A series of anonymous figures move in a non-linear choreographed narrative. The layout of each composition is derived from ceremonies and spaces that were once invaded or submitted to conversion and are accompanied by melodic compositions based on liturgical music. These sounds are derived from twelve stories whose prime message reveals the urge to recover the communication between Heaven and Earth.

The web platform acts as the stage for 12 composed narratives. Viewers can use the text box in order to create a backdrop for the artwork and switch between performances using the 'previous' and 'next' buttons.


Virginia Samper & Blanca Ulloa

Virginia Samper and Blanca Ulloa are two Spanish artists born in Madrid in 1991 and working collaboratively.

Their practice is based on research subjects involving the interpretation and re-contextualization of both contemporary and historical myths and symbols.