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Tetrach 10.34am 4th December
Medium: Photographic Print
Dimensions: 100x150 cm
Year created: 2005
Location: London
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Tetrach 10.34am 4th December Christopher Bucklow

Christopher’s 'Guest' series is based on characters drawn from his friends, family and acquaintances. Each guest represents an aspect of his own personality or one that he admires and aspires to. He creates a collective self-portrait made up of spectral images that glow from the inside out. The figures have a powerful presence but seem disembodied – human and inhuman, bound to the earth but reaching for the heavens.


Christopher Bucklow

Born in the north of England in 1957, Christopher studied art history at Leicester Polytechnic. After graduating, he became curator in the Prints and Drawings department at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Christopher often uses a technique similar to early pinhole photography to give a unique style to his images.