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Tune In
Medium: Printed on photograph paper
Dimensions: 50x33cm
Year created: 2011
Location: Zurich
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Tune In Alejandra Beyeler

These two works are one of a series of 100 photographs that Alejandra created while she was studying. She hoped that they would be viewed together but the individual works can also be appreciated. Alejandra encourages us to view the image as both abstract and a celebration of nature through the details of the trees and darkness of the evening. She used a digital reflex camera without light manipulation to show the forest as she saw it at the time – as a “magical moment”.


Alejandra Beyeler

Alejandra was born in Berne in 1988 and recently completed her studies. The Aspen collection is the first to include her work – both pieces were produced as part of her university course where she created a series of over 100 photographs which can also be viewed as individual works of art.